Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate in ampoules is a steroid that is both androgenic and anabolic in equal proportions. Propionate, it became one of the first steroidal forms of testosterone available on the market and is very popular among bodybuilders.

Injectable propionate is a fast-acting steroid with a relatively low half-life, making it one of the most controlled types of synthesized testosterone. When taking it, there are no side effects such as swelling and increased water retention in the body. That is why it is perfect for gaining dry quality mass.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate: myths and truth

Should I take testosterone propionate? Reviews about him are mostly good, but there are also statements from newcomers who are poorly versed in the specifics of the issue. It is in these statements that arguments are most often heard that this drug, like all other steroids, is a terrible evil, and it should not be used in any case. In this case, the main argument is the sagging of the muscles after the end of the course. This is partly true, but this phenomenon is also observed in natural bodybuilding. The fact is that only constant loads stimulate the body to build and maintain muscle mass. If a person begins to lead a passive lifestyle, the body will get rid of it, as this is an irrational consumption of nutrients.

Actions of testosterone propionate in ampoules?

The properties of injectable Testosterone propionate are similar to any other type of testosterone ester, including enanthate and acetate. The only difference is the rate at which it is released and its half-life.

In this case, the release of testosterone is slowed down due to the propionate ester attached to it. Once the testosterone propionate compound enters the bloodstream, it is attacked by enzymes that attempt to break the ester bond. This process takes time and results in a slower and more controlled release of the hormone.

Because testosterone occurs naturally in the body, its steroid form is considered completely safe. This anabolic can be used by both professional bodybuilders and novice athletes. It helps in building muscle mass and can also be used for weight loss.

Benefits of Testosterone Propionate in ampoules:

  • acceleration of protein synthesis in muscles;
  • acceleration of protein synthesis in muscles; increase in physical strength and muscle mass;
  • increased levels of the anabolic hormone IGF-1;
  • better nitrogen retention in muscle tissue;
  • increase in sexual desire;
  • acceleration of metabolism.
Benefits of Testosterone Propionate in ampoules:

njectable Propionate – acts against glucocorticoid hormones that break down muscle tissue and increase body fat. It effectively blocks and reduces the amount of these hormones, in turn, eliminating body fat. Testosterone promotes recovery and regeneration, which leads to improved athletic performance. It also prevents osteoporosis and protects against the development of heart disease. As a result of its reception, sexual desire increases, cheerfulness appears.

Other important benefits include helping with the development of secondary sex characteristics such as broad shoulders, a firm jaw line, and facial and chest hair. Testosterone propionate binds to androgen receptors (AR) and stimulates them. It increases concentration, and energy and efficiency.

Testosterone Propionate Injections in Bodybuilding:

  • bodybuilders in preparation for competitions;
  • men suffering from depression and apathy;
  • those who want to build muscle mass;
  • athletes who are looking for an alternative to “heavy” steroids;
  • female bodybuilders.
Testosterone Propionate Injections in Bodybuilding:

Courses of injectable Propionate in ampoules

The half-life of testosterone propionate is 108 hours. It is necessary to make injections in a course lasting 2-4 months. On average, the course lasts 3 months. The drug should be injected into the gluteal muscle, shoulder or triceps. The recommended single dose is 50-100 mg. In this case, every third dose should be less than the previous two.

In combination with testosterone, you should take drugs that suppress the production of estrogen. Otherwise, excessively high levels of estrogen can cause a number of side effects. Among them is increased water retention in the body. To prepare the muscles for high-quality “drying”, it is recommended to add aromatase inhibitors, whey protein, amino acids.

The best result can be achieved through a combined approach. This is especially true for bodybuilders who prepare the body for competition. Testosterone is usually combined with Trenbolone Acetate, Anastrozole, Nandrolone and Human Growth Hormone. These drugs allow you to build the desired muscle mass in the shortest possible time (within 12 weeks). Despite the need for frequent injections, testosterone propionate will not harm the body, but only improves its quality.

Visible Benefits

Why, among hundreds of other steroids, professional athletes choose testosterone propionate? Reviews here come to our aid, saying that it is with the help of this ether that you can very quickly achieve a visible result. And it will appear not because the drug mysteriously makes your muscles grow. Not at all, just almost instantly after the injection you feel an increase in strength and a huge supply of energy, which means you can give all your best in the gym to the fullest. First of all, this is due to a jump in the level of the hormone in the body. However, it should be remembered that the remedy we are considering is not a complex of vitamins, but a steroid, that is, a serious drug with a pronounced anabolic and androgenic effect. A drug that is able to convert to estrogen.

Visible Benefits

Side effects and contraindications to testosterone propionate

Side effects at observance of rules of application of drug most often are not shown. Testosterone propionate is usually well tolerated. Instructions for use indicates the likelihood of redness and pain at the injection site.

But testosterone in any form can turn into estradiol, which manifests itself in this way:

  • the appearance of aggressiveness, irritability;
  • development of gynecomastia in men;
  • fluid retention in the body with the development of edema;
  • increased oiliness of the skin, the appearance of rashes and acne;
  • body hair growth, alopecia;
  • prostate enlargement;
  • inhibition of the production of its own hormone.

If a woman takes Testosterone propionate, then side effects are possible after the course. They appear as masculinization. Prolonged use causes infertility, menstrual irregularities.

There are conditions in which testosterone esters should not be used:

  • oncological diseases of the breast and prostate;
  • individual intolerance;
  • violation of urination;
  • gynecomastia;
  • migraine;
  • significant deviations in the work of the kidneys and liver;
  • myocardial infarction, hypertension;
  • tendency to edema;
  • diabetes.

However, individual characteristics play an important role. If by nature you have a strong physique, and muscle building went against the background of intensive training and quality nutrition, then even with a complete break, you will keep your shape for a long time. But if speed was the main criterion, then the basis of your outstanding forms will be water, which was delayed thanks to steroids. In this case, the return to the previous volumes will happen very quickly. Therefore, nothing terrible is testosterone propionate. Feedback from experienced athletes suggests that it allows you to increase the endurance of the body, which means that you can achieve your goals faster.