Injectable Steroids

Injectable steroids are drugs that come in ampoules and are intended to be injected into the body. Most often, these are oily and aqueous solutions of popular anabolics. Steroids in injections have many advantages over their tablet counterparts. They are used by bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters, wrestlers and other representatives of heavy sports. You can buy injectable steroids in specialized stores. They allow you to quickly gain muscle mass and increase the strength of the athlete.

Most often, injectable steroids are used by athletes who have already become acquainted with anabolic steroids in tablets and want to further progress in sports achievements.

Injectable Steroids

There are much more pharmacological preparations for athletes in the injectable form than in the oral form. Due to this, at the moment, the course of steroids can be chosen for any purpose, it can be weight gain, fat burning, recovery from injuries, or after serious illnesses. What can I say, steroids are in full swing in medical practice, for example, the same testosterone is often prescribed to people with low levels of male hormones. It is clear that the course of drugs is prescribed in small dosages.

Athletes love injections because steroids make it possible to recover faster, exercise more and more intensely, be much stronger and more enduring.

Advantages of injections over the oral form.

  • Injections have a less negative effect on the body, since the drugs are administered intramuscularly, we bypass our gastrointestinal tract and filtration through the liver.
  • Steroids in injections, there are long-term effects, such as testosterone entanate, it is enough to do 1 injection per week and you can progress.
  • Steroids in injections enter the body more evenly, which saves you from hormonal surges.

Features of injectable steroids

Injectable steroids have high androgenic and anabolic activity, which allows you to quickly achieve the desired results.

For the manufacture of the solution, the esterification method is used, as a result of which the anabolic is processed into an organic acid ester, after which it is dissolved in oil. They have an extended half-life, which allows you to maintain the level of the drug in the body at a constant level. Of course, this does not apply to aqueous solutions. They are a pure hormone (eg, testosterone base) that acts quickly but is also quickly eliminated from the body.

Features of injectable steroids

Many novice athletes prefer pills, for some reason avoiding injections, but over time, the realization comes that the effect of injectable steroids is much better. In addition, injections are less toxic to the liver, since they do not directly affect it.

It is necessary to prick aqueous suspensions daily. Fast esters are administered every other day, and oily solutions with a long half-life – 2 times a week. It is categorically not recommended to mix aqueous solutions with esters, which means that only anabolics of the same form of release can be taken on a combined course.

The most popular anabolics in injections

Buying injectable steroids is much more profitable because they remain active in the body longer and, as a result, are more effective.

Among the most popular anabolics produced in ampoules are:

  • boldenone – provides a significant weight gain (6-8 kg per course), accelerates recovery and increases appetite;
  • sustanon is a fairly strong anabolic, allowing not only to increase the volume of muscle mass, but also to significantly develop strength indicators;
  • testosterone esters – have a different half-life, allow you to quickly increase dry weight and increase endurance;
  • trenbolone esters are one of the most effective steroids with powerful anabolic and androgenic properties.

In addition, when choosing which form of the drug to choose, keep in mind that many of them simply are not available in tablets. Among them are the same trenbolone, nandrolone, boldenone, stanozolol.

Benefits of Injectable Steroids

Why do experienced bodybuilders still prefer to take steroid injections? This is due to the benefits that they give to the athlete:

  • a long period of activity in the body – typical for oil solutions;
  • lack of hormonal surges – with the help of injections, the necessary hormonal balance is maintained;
  • a long break between doses – due to prolonged activity;
  • less toxic to the liver – the agent is distributed evenly in the body, practically without interacting with the liver.
Benefits of Injectable Steroids


Testosterone, or test as it’s called “Gym-Bros”, is probably the first steroid you should get when starting a cycle. All steroids are based on this steroid, so it makes sense to base your steroid stack on this hormone. Testosterone is available in different forms, with Easter chains varying in length. The most common types of testosterone used by bodybuilders include: testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, testosterone sustanon, and testosterone suspension.

If you are looking for a fast-acting form of testosterone, Testosterone Suspension is ideal because it lacks an ester, which is absorbed much faster. It can work easily and immediately promotes muscle mass and strength gains. The disadvantage is that it has a very short half-life due to the lack of an ester.

This means very frequent injections are required, and if you’re not good with needles or injections, you can see why this can be a problem. Daily injections are given as a suspension, so testosterone enanthate with a longer half-life is the most popular testosterone.

Parabolan (trenbolone)

Tren for the hardcore bodybuilder and not easy to take. If you’re familiar with the IFBB professional bodybuilding world, you know that there are giant monsters on the scene that don’t look human at all. They look like genetic freaks and are taller than most of us can dream of. While we can’t prove it, we are very sure that one of the main reasons why they can get so big is because of the use of trenbolone.

If you’re looking to build muscle, build strength, burn fat, and improve your endurance, Tren is perfect. Tren has a short half-life, so it is often necessary to inject every other day. Tren does not cause satiety or water retention and is therefore ideal for build and definition. Tren often builds 10-25 kg of muscle in one cycle.

The big downside is that because it’s so strong, it has some nasty side effects.


Masteron is one of the lesser known steroids in the bodybuilding world and we’re not sure why.

Masteron is one of the newest “designer steroids” on the black market, but while still relatively new, it’s already turning heads for the right reasons. When it was first developed for medical purposes, it was used to treat women with breast cancer due to its antiestrogenic properties. That is why Masteron is considered an excellent steroid for beginners. Because it has antiestrogenic properties, it does not aromatize. It does not convert to estrogen and does not convert testosterone to estrogen.

This means that it has far fewer side effects than other steroids, although it is still very dangerous. It offers a reasonable amount of muscle growth and fat loss. This is certainly not the kind of steroid that can be injected by Mr. Olympia’s competitors.

Courses of anabolic steroids using injections

In fact, the selection of drugs and the preparation of courses is done individually, because the course of steroids for a person who wants to gain weight, and for someone who wants to get rid of fat, will be based on completely different drugs.

Courses of anabolic steroids using injections

Reviews about injectable steroids can be both positive and negative, the bottom line is that most people who start taking steroids often do not have the necessary knowledge and take anabolic drugs incorrectly, do not follow a diet, do not conduct proper training.